He's ignoring me... Did I mess up?

So I have been talking to this guy I went to high school with. We are now both 23. We recently reconnected, and have been texting, and gone on a few dates.

We have texted to each other a few days ago that we miss each other, and were happy hear it.

Well this was our text convo this afternoon:

Me: Your cute
Him: Lol thanks =]
Me: And i miss you
Him: Already? Lol
Me: Lol I haven't seen you since Friday

Then no reply. I even texted him maybe 5 hours later saying, "Hey u" and still no reply. I'm done texting him, until he texts first. Do you think I messed up when I said I missed him?


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  • You may have freaked him out...

  • just give him some time.