Online guy lying about his age? Should I not trust him on anything else also?

I met this guy on a dating site. I've met him in real life twice so he's not completely fake. On his profile he said he was 24, but when we started talking he said he's 23. I checked his fb profile, I've not mentioned it to him though, that lists his high school and year of graduation, which would make him 22. But i can't see a birthday so i can't be sure. How do I ask him again if that's his real age? 22 or 23 makes no difference to me. I'm 24 though.


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  • I wouldn't sweat it; one or two years is nothing. I met a woman a while back who told me she was 15 years younger than she actually turned out to be. Awkward!

    • Did you get to know only when you met her?

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    • Good on you. She probably had issues already and may have needed the politeness of a stranger 😊

    • Yes, the way I figure it, there's always something you can learn from people, regardless of the situation.

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  • Don't worry. The guys probably just a little bad with numbers. After all, we're talking a one year difference, not 10 or 20, right?

  • As of the why he is overstating his age, it may be vecause he's concerned you'll split if you are older than him.

    Even by a year, I have had women I like bail out because it was " weird."

    If that's the case, tell him flat out you don't give a shit bout his age and ask his b day.

    Good luck

    • That's what I was thinking, but Id like to know his real age though

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