Have you ever thought of someone was really for you and they were your soulmate? But at the end you found who is really for you?


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  • Yes and No

    So far only once in college. I've been in love before, I've cried over other people before, I've struggled to let go but never like this...

    Since the moment we met freshman year. I just knew there was something about this person. Although we barely knew each other.
    Fastfoward 3 years and he's changed my life in unexplainable ways good and bad.. Although we never officially dated we've always had an intense emotional connection.

    However due to abnormal circumstances. We aren't even on speaking terms but still care for each other deeply. He still wants to be with me but... Ehh
    I can't keep making excuses for his abnormal circumstances and in reality deserve better treatment even if it means I don't get my soulmate.

    Since then met other great guys, I didn't think they were my soulmate however, we could make it work.

    After reading tons of real life love stories about love being broken apart for various reasons; parents, culture, religion, abusiveness, kids, marriage, cheating/affairs

    My new theory about the whole soulmate thing is I think there's always going to be that one person who changes your life forever. However, that may not be the person that you end up marrying.
    (Whoever is at fault for that is up for grabs and for whatever reason) but its 100% possible to find someone else slightly compatible to have kids and grow old with. You may always wonder but mystery is apart of life.

    From the perspective of an older person. I had a proffesor whom I was very close to she had a college love whom she cared for deeply but due to whatever circumstances he took her for granted. She could no longer make excuses for his circumstances, so she left.

    After graduation she met someone, ironically he went to her university too during the same time but they had never met until a random bump in at their hometown at a bank.
    They dated for like 6 years afterwards. He married her eventually. I went to the wedding, I've had lunch/dinner with them on a few occasions. Even witnessed a break/breakup or two. And honestly I've think I heard more passion in her voice when she was talking about "the one" she thought was her soulmate then I've seen collectively between those two. However he treats her well so they make it work.. she's content

    Of course you always hear those amazing viral stories of couples who beat the odds. But that's really going to depend on two people and effort not just the belief one is a soulmate. Reality is a lot harsher than the movies

    • Sorry.. Didn't expect to have so many thoughts about this..

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  • No not really I'm afraid but that's alright tho.

  • Yeah i did, at least i thought i did except i didn't find out who it was in the end. It's sad


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  • I though I had posted in here what happened?

  • No can't say I have found who's for me.

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