I need help seriously?

Back in 200X I had transferred from School X to school Z and we had briefly talked about a male student there who was pursuing me quite aggressively. I am very conservative and so is my family so experience in the dating arena was foreign to me. Having had to transfer from one school to another caused me a great deal of loneliness and depression... actual depression, not the blues. It had taken a huge toll on me mentally and physically. I had told some people I had just met that I was very down and wasn't sure what was really wrong. This information caught the attention of a particular person at school. He had told me he was crazy about me 2 days after he met me. I was flattered but wasn't sure it was logical. This person pursued me relentlessly almost to the point of getting angry with me for not responding. I thought staying silent would do the trick as I was not really interested. Anyway he persisted and I thought I would give him a chance since he said he liked me so much. He came over spontaneously a couple of times and we went to the beach. I used to feel that this person was condescending to me. Then he came over and asked me to get a quick bite to eat at a hole-in-the-wall place. I went along. I was thinking he would ask me out properly on a date to a nice restaurant. I don't know if my expectation was wrong or far-fetched. He realized this, called me, acted like he was going to ask me, and basically to make a long story short, he took me to a bar very late at night. I can give you details on how this happened if you ask later. He angrily called me ugly and bad words on the way to the bar and I was becoming more and more down. We got there and he ordered me 4 shots. I realized he was trying to get me drunk. I had told him that I don't drink beforehand. I wasn't string enough to thwart these attempts as I had started to think less of myself and frankly I was intimidated. I drank the shots and slowly I became very impaired. He pulled me towards him and started

He pulled me towards him and started kissing me. Then we went to the car and he kissed me there, partially biting my lip. On our way back he yelled that he would never notice me in the US if he were to see me there. Once we got to my place he walked me in and stayed there. He was kissing me and had forced himself on me but he did not rape me. He had sheared the skin on my neck with his teeth. My neck was bright red and it stung when I noticed it in the mirror the next morning.


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  • I'd like to help you, but first I'd like to know the rest of the story so I can best respond to whatever problems you have.

  • This sounds horrible, and you didn't even finish telling it (got cut off?). Please feel free to message me directly, where it's more private. You have a caring and sympathetic friend, and ear, in me. :)


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