Why do girls do this?

So I was super excited to go on a date with this girl who I met at a store. We talked for about 2 hours and she seemed genuinly interested (even caught her putting on lipstick and trying to hide it when she heard me coming). I asked her out before I left and without hesitation she agreed with a giant smile on her face. She even forgot to take out those anti theft plastic things because she was so distracted with what just happened. Right after I left I texted her saying it was great meeting you and I'm excited for Sunday. She replied back right away with happy faces and saying ahe was happy and excited as well. I texted her today (2 days later) and I have yet to get a response :(. Wth, girls why do you do this?

She responded back last night. She apologised for taking so long to reply and said she was just very busy. The date for Sunday is still on :). I think she's playing the whole I don't want to seem too eager so I'll take a long time to respond game which I find very annoying.


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  • maybe she is busy?

    • I highly doubt it, I made sure I knew what she would be doing today (the day I planned on setting up all the details) before I asked her out (basically planned everything out in my head like I'll text her this day for all the details etc..). She only had something until the afternoon, don't think she had more stuff later on. I really liked this girl too, felt like we really clicked.

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    • i understand, but just because thats how you work doesn't mean its the same for everyone else. just be patient :)

    • It's almost bed time here meaning that she's most likely not going to reply since she had all of the afternoon and evening to do so.

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  • Maybe she doesn't have her phone around. Don't rush to conclusions. I mean if you would text me, it would take about 2 hours for me to respond.

  • i hope her phone broke or that female is the same like any other female.

    They make you feel good to later making you feel bad.

  • Two reasons

    1. They just like the attention
    2. Even if she did like you, she probably took heat from coworkers about dating a customer, which made her chicken out

    • It was a small upscale clothing store on a Monday evening. Her and I were the only two in the store for two hours so there's no way of any of her coworkers knowing what happened.