My boyfriend said I am all he think about meaning?

We just dating for 3 months but my boyfriend said I am all he thinks about. Like he wants me to be happy.


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  • He meditates "you"!

  • That's normal. Intense feelings are supposed to go down as you progress in the relationship, not up.

    • When does it goes down. His has been going up fast. Like he said he lives for me... The emotional she has for me is really intense.

    • You're so new, give it some time. It takes different time scales for every couple, but i don't think your partner will feel more strongly about you in two years than he does now.

    • Thanks I hope so. My braces are coming off in a year. It is a little hard for him bc my friends are single and I was attracted before my braces. He gets jealous bc guys from college still try to reach out to me for dinner and drinks. I hope he calm down and relax lol.

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