Will this relationship work?

I have a friend, we'll call him "Gabriel". He's 30.
Works a decent job.

He fell in love for a girl from Finland. She's 19, no job. Lives off some sort of social benefit income in a small one room apt.
He visited her a few days ago and he said they had sex and they love each other very much.

I personally think she is pretty much still a child and no way near ready for a relationship. But i may be biased.

What do you think?

Can this work?

(I will add more info if you ask me )

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Love works it weird ways even though she's very younge it can still work. If she really loves him though she needs to try to get a job to help support herself.

    • He says he will try to provide for her.

    • Yeah but he said "try" girls are expensive some times lol but if they love each other then I would just let them do their thing!

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What Girls Said 2

  • It could... he could set his standards a little higher though and be with someone in his own country with a job, in college, who is motivated to be successful. There's nothing wrong with being with someone that age, but there are better girls out there.

    • That's another thing that's worrying.
      He likes her 'cause "she's hot".

    • Yeah looks are not something you want to go by for a relationship. They mean nothing, and once you get older they fade as it is.

  • Maybe not if she hasn't got a job.


What Guys Said 2

  • if they don't give a shit bout age difference... then y not?

    • Well, here's a reason why not:
      ( This is from another site where the same question was asked - not by me )

      "Age differences do matter. Age is not "just a number." Age is years of accumulated experience out in the world, being buffeted by life's weather. Age may be travels you've taken, partners you've had, or other people you've encountered who have influenced you. It's hard (or gentle) lessons you've learned, and the failures and victories you've aggregated as you learned them.

      What will almost certainly happen in a relationship with a decade+ age differential is that you'll "miss" each other from time to time with pop culture and generational discourse. Not a big deal, but sometimes alienating.

      What will also very likely happen is that there will be a slightly Freudian "parental" dynamic. It's extremely hard to avoid this, because the person with more experience cannot resist imparting his or her learnings[..]"

  • Who cares its not u