Text or not to text, that's the question?

A quick over view:

Last Friday I met this funny guy. It clicked right away. We talked the whole evening and kissed the stars away at the end. We exchanged numbers and it became obvious that he is not a texter! So we spoke sporadically on whatssapp and Sunday he asked me for a drink. We sat there until closing time and I asked him if we should split the bill. He didn't want to so I offered that I should pay the next time if we ever went for a drink. "Deal" he said and after we left we kissed for an hour like love sick teenagers. We made jokes that it should last at least 30 dates before we should sleep with each other and when I came home I texted him "30x..." He answered that he could not wait until these 30 times were over and I responded with that we should start a count down for fun!

That Monday I didn't hear a thing from him. But he was surfing, so I can imagine that you do not check you phone when you are surfing with your friends! So I asked him that evening how the surfing went. He said it sucked bigtime but he had an amazing afternoon with his buddies so that was ok! He asked me what I had done that day and I responded to him the next day that I did something with my friends. I asked him if he was at his work and after that text he dint say anything anymore.

Its been almost 2 days since I heard form him and I kinda like him and I would really want to have an another drink sometime. But since he hasn't really spoken to me it kind of makes me insecure about the whole thing. They say man need to hunt. And I was the last to text him, so I think the ball is in his court. They also say that when a man does really like you, he will text back right away. But at the other side I think: maybe he is insecure, or he is busy with his job (he mentioned that he has killer hours to make)? Besides: he is not a texter. Maybe I can ask him for a drink myself?

So guys, what do you think? Should I take the initiative and ask him for a new date? Or is it not done for a girl? How would you feel about that? Does he even like me at all? Or is this a sign that he doesn't want any contact at all?

Ps: English is not my native language so bear with me :)

Are you guys sure? isn't it because he's just not into me?


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  • "They say man need to hunt"<---- pssssst we live in da 21st century

    text do da chase... he might b just shy textin u 8)


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  • I agree with Klaatu51! It's even refreshing when a girl takes the next step :D


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  • Text always lol.