Help, I dont know what to do?

I went to my my crushs house yesterday (we are talking) we went into his room for more privacy, we were doing nothing wrong than his mom comes in and says your not welcome in my house he already got a girl pregnant i dont want two Im not mad because he has a baby momma, im just upset that he didn't keep it real with me... i dont know what to do Help!!

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  • Honestly girl, the future you will most likely be thankful and glad that you cut him off.
    Something as major as having a child and still being in constant contact with a woman you used to f*ck is not just a detail you keep to yourself. He should have been upfront about that IMMEDIATELY. The fact that he was sneaky and shady about it is really disrespectful and messed up because he wasn't allowing you to make an informed decision about who you were getting attached to. He was more or less trying to trick you into wanting someone without knowing something about them that's a huge deal. Usually when someone is either lying or omitting the truth about one thing, there's a ton of other sh*t they are keeping from you. Cut him off!

    In all honesty, his mother had every right to do that. If it's her home and her child messing up his future because he can't keep his dick to himself, then that's her aggressive way of trying to protect his future since he's been so careless and reckless.

    • Thank you this was very helpful how should i cut him off? what do i tell him?

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    • Would you like to know what I would do if I was in your situation?

    • yes i would

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  • cut him off... his mom was clear wasn't she?

  • He makes poor life choices. Cut him off.


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