Girls, why would she do this?

This girl who I like and she likes me we both know that we like each other we had been texting a lot ude to not seeing each other much after the first date which went well she kind of became distant for a few day like not responding to text or not aknologing me the same as be for like kind if cold well that ended and we were back to normal I ha invites her over for a family BBQ she came for a little while was very nervous after leaving we spent time with her family her mom was telling me how much she talks about me and likes me by the end of the night we were pretty much cuddling on the couch when I went to leave I gave her a hug and she wouldn't let go now she's back to being kind of distant again and I'm confused oh and also she's shy an never had a boy fired I need some advise


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  • i thin she's confused.