If reconciliation was possible who should make the first move, him or me?

I was seeing a guy on and off for about 10 months we broke up again because he decided that he didn't want a relationship right now due to school and work. I texted him later that night and told him that it was time that I move on with my life and no hard feelings. He texted me back in kind and texted me the next day to apologize about treating me badly.

Like I said, we've been on and off, so us getting back together is not out of the question at some point. The first and second time we broke up he was the one that wanted us to try again but I had to initiate overall contact the first time (the second time he did).

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Thank you to be people that answered the question instead of just saying "move on". If I wanted to do that I would.



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  • You need to move on and forward cleanly, and stop with the on and off. If he can't make time for you now, why would you think he's someone you'd want later? I know, you have an attraction and history, but life will never stop placing demands on your/his time. Plus, life is short, so one must indeed seize the day. And if not now, then when? Some far flung day after school, chores, and work are done? Not likely. See, the thing is, if he really wanted to be with you with all of his heart, he'd FIND or make the time. Period. Today. Tomorrow. Always. So there's a telling lack of desire and devotion. Not to mention passion and connection. Do you see? He is simply less than fully emotionally invested in being with you, every day, or as much as is humanly possible. And again, there is ALWAYS time, if you take it. Virtually no one is THAT busy. Not if they really love you and honor you. Plain and simple.

  • I feel like that's the guys job


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  • He should be the one, BUT
    obviously this relationship isn't going anywhere
    you're pretty much wasting your time
    I would suggest you to really move on

    Unless you want to keep getting on the same rollercoaster ride and let yourself be played over and over again like you have been

  • i think he should.