A kiss on the cheek, what does this mean?

I have this guy friend who I've known for probably 9-10 years, and he isn't usually the touchy feel-y type, we hug hello and goodbye, but that's about it. I'm usually pretty flirty with my guy friends, but I tend to tone it down with him, because he's not like that. Anyways I flew to his city last week for the day, to go see a concert with him, and while we were there, waiting for the band to start,he mentioned that his hands were sore, so I gave him a hand massage (I'm really good with massages) and he commented on how cold my hands were so he took them (one at a time) between his and was rubbing them to warm them up the band started and the atmosphere was really surging with energy and halfway through the concert he picked me up, spun me around and kinda grabbed my face and kissed me on the cheek, I was totally floored because it was so out of character for him, and then I kissed him back (on the cheek too) we had a great time at the show, and then the next morning on the way to the airport he was a little stand off-ish but not more than usual when he's had a bad-ish day... What's his deal? What does this mean?

(If it changes anything, I have a boyfriend, who knows about the cheek-kissing, and super doesn't care, but My friend isn't usually the type to make moves like that toward girls with boyfriends... )


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  • Well, to me it doesn't mean a whole lot with the friends I've known for a long time, as you have with this friend. I have a few guy friends who I'm very affectionate with and every once in awhile, they'll give me a kiss on the cheek or the forehead. And my one friends has even pecked me on the lips before- but none of it means anything romantic to me or to them, all it means is that they love me as a friend, just the same as when my girl friends do it. As long as you didn't get a weird vibe from him, I'd say it was just an affectionate kiss born of the great night you guys had.

    • That's what I'm saying though, usually, with anyone else I would have thought twice about it, but he isn't ever like that, he's not touchy-feel-y like that, and usually if there is physical contact between us it's because I started it, and he doesn't usually venture to keep it going.... so the fact that he did something so blunt and almost... forceful (like I said, he kinda grabbed my face) is totally a weird vibe....

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  • I'd say cheek kissing doesn't mean much. But that's just me, because I had a friend who was giving me kisses with tongue.


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