If a girl is the one to strike up a convo in text or IM is that a good thing?

Well I prefer to talk to them in person, but when I can't and the girl is the first one to text or IM me a lot is that a good sign?


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  • one of two things. she is bored or she wants to talk to you personally. If she only does it every once in a while she is probably just bored. if she does it once ever couple days or even once a day she probably is into you. If she calls or texts you multiple times throughout the day just to talk, I know from experience, get the f*** away. far far away.

    • Yeah she starts it every couple of days or so.

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    • Well it could mean that she's very insecure or she's clingy. But girls like this aren't always like that. But most of the time they are.

    • Some are just really slutty and want to get all they can, some are a little desperate and you are setting yourself up for some awkward moments.

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  • you need to starve her of your attention while at the same time flirt with other girls in front of her. BUT, girls are smart, much smarter than us. you can NOT look at her when you are flirting just hope she is watching. she will know what's up and play back, and I promise she is much better at it than you are.

  • You need to give us details of what she said, just because a girl texts you doesn't mean she likes you

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