Should I dm him?

I met him once at a party, I only gave him my name and so did he. I can tell he wanted to meet me more and so do I. I found his instagram and I don't want him to know I did since I basically stalked him, he doesn't know about my instagram and I want him to, getting his attention is pretty hard. Should I dm him to get his attention?


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  • Noooo! Do not. EVER. Have you exchanged numbers though?

    • But that's the thing, I only gave him my name and he only gave me his. That's all, no number, no kik, no fb, no instagram.

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    • Awww.. why didn't you give him your number haha... but if he asked for your number I think it's safe for you to dm him. Just say hi. Good luck ;)

    • Thank you :D

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  • yes dm him any interested guy will make an effort to talk to you!

  • you should.

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