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So this girl asked me out, she said I was hot. Been working out and starting to get ripped abs so I guess that's it. I said yes to go out and told her she was hot too.

Anyway first date we went to beach and it was mostly all good. Going to hang out with her tomorrow again. I don't really know when to start making a move or whatever..I should probably ask her but instead I'm going to ask random people on the Internets. And yeah I'm another 1 of those nerds who never had a Girlfriend (age: 22) :/ (At least I have muscles now!)

Advice on what next or what you think I might need to know would be good.


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  • The foundations of dating success come from three important things. Google them, learn them, apply them, then master them.

    1) Attraction through Leading.

    2) Rapport through comfort.

    3) Intimacy through escalation.

    You build her attraction through action. Your abs don't matter. Your money doesn't matter. Your looks are superficial. She doesn't care about those things.

    The only thing that matters is how you make her feel. Make her feel tension, then release it. Then build it, then release it. Do this for ever.

    Escalate. Hold her hand when she gets out of your car. Then release. Take her arm to gingerly walk over the puddle, then release. Take her hands into yours when you're pretending to read her palms. Then release. Share funny stories about misadventures, then be quiet for a moment. Then touch her hair because you are amazed at how soft it looks. Look at her eyes, then her mouth, then her eyes. If she doesn't pull back from you then she's ready to be kissed.

    Don't make future plans on the first date, which will leave her wondering if you were really that interested, but then call her the next day.


    Go online and do some learning and make your next 10 girlfriends thank you for it!

    ~ Robby

    My Blog ( link )

  • I think you might want to start thinking about considering to learn some things about her as a person.

    • ^Yep, been doing that Nacelunk. Thanks for the advice XPER. Not sure if I can pull it off but I'll try some.

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