He hasn't text me in a week but all of sudden today he text me out the blue. Should I let him go?

We've been seeing each other for a while now. At first everything was perfect but now things Are rocky. I barely hear from him & then when I tell him I wanna cut him off he claims he loves me. I've done gave him chances after chances I'm ready tired. I'm sick of him going ghost then texting me out the blue.

Feedback please


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  • Don't give him another chance. Like you said, he has done it many times. He doesn't deserve it.

    • Thanks for M/H

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  • Did you text him at all?

    • I texted last

    • But when he texted me today I didn't respond

    • Look its not as bad as you make it out in your mind... it is really simple. Take a day or two away from him heck make it 3 and just focus on you get a bearing on what you like in life, it can be about new ideas, theories or whatever you really enjoy. Then once you've allowed this frustration to calm a bit approach him about it, make sure you communicate. Communication is key.

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