Girls, A client of mine asked me out; we had a great lunch; I asked her out; no response; she asks me out again; we had a great time; what to do?

So, a client of mine asked me out to lunch about a month and a half ago, we had a great time, it was a long lunch, like 1+ hour, talking about ourselves. I asked her out after; she didn't respond. Then last week she came to a meeting at my office, flirting etc, brought me coffee. And she asked me out to an event this week, we had a great time, walked home together and had a blast. I ran into her this working walking to work, she asked me what I was doing this weekend I said maybe work or a party. I asked her what she was upto and she said "nothing much, just relaxing, maybe seeing my parents".
I think she was hinting at me asking her out.. and I feel bad I didn't.
What do you guys think?

Anyone have any feedback? lol
We are going to be working together over the next month, so I will be in contact with her.


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  • Is that allowed? I mean if someone finds out you can lose your job right?


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  • So ask her out now. If she doesn't respond, chick is flighty and wants you on her terms, only- so either play her game or get out of it. If she does respond, you've got another fun-filled night. And after a couple of drinks, ask her why she did what she did before... :)

    • I dont wanna mess the business relationship either, but I so want to hang out with her. Last time she stood outside my place for 30 mins talking when we were walking home lol.

    • Oh, I see. Business aspect. Hmm. Tread lightly. If this could affect your job- might want to say no-go. Or just wait and see what she does. All in all, though, maybe she's just trying to butter you up for business purposes? I don't know.

  • Make it known that you're interested but be careful, you don't want it to become weird at work obviously
    Not sure why she ignored your first invite but sounds like she is definitely interested.
    Did you ask her in a message?
    If so, next time make sure you organise something when you're talking in person

  • just wait a bit.

    • I just wanted to play it cool you know? I hope she doesn't think im not interested?