Do you second guess his question?

If a guy you are having your first date with ask you why you wanted to go out with him? Is that good or bad. The scenario is taht you both had been planning to go out after you first met some couple months ago he was the one shortly after you both met for the first time that brought up the idea of hanging out together. and you agree cause you like the guy, you been planning to hang out in weeks after and when finally the date comes at some point during the date the guy asked you not in as erious way but very interested to know so he asked you why you wanted to go out with him. Is taht good or bad and the only thing you came up saying because he caught you off guard with the questiun was: Because you seem a very nice and cool guy. This same question was more or less what you already told me days before over a text when the guy and you were arranging for the date, at some point you had to give the same answer.


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  • He's amazed that someone like you would go out with someone like him

    • Why he would be amazed? I dont get it i bet he had other dates in the past as he told me he dated twice when he was in the USA and lived with one for 4 years

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    • Why u think the guy won't answer the question I asked if he asked me the same question and I did answer

    • I don't know. Maybe he has a hard time explaining how he feels

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