Casual first date help?

Okay so this girl and I have known each other for a while; I just recently started falling for her. I'm fairly certain the feeling is mutual, however, we're still at sort of a "friends" stage, and she's a very reserved girl when it comes to her feelings; she doesn't like to move things too fast. I'm seeing her at her grad party this weekend and I'm thinking about asking her out then (so I can do it in person) but I would like to know, what's a good casual first date? I want to take it slow so she doesn't get intimidated or scared off. I was thinking something like ice cream, or just a walk in the park, or both. But would it be better to do something in the evening instead of midday? I know that's less casual and more "romantic" which honestly is probably why I'm drawn to it, but I'm also afraid it might end anticlimaticly/awkwardly if it's just smack in the middle of the day. Or should I just roll with whatever happens and simply use this as a stepping stone for the next meetup being an "actual" date?
Also, should I meet her somewhere to keep it more relaxed? Or should I pick her up to be a gentleman? I'm just not sure what's the safe line between making it clear I'm interested in her and not scaring her off.


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  • Yea that all sounds great just be creative and make sure you guys can talk

  • let her know its an actual date.


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