Would it be weird if I asked a guy to lunch to tell him that I like him?

We have known each other for about a year. He always stares at me. Constanlty hovers around me, does stuff to make me laugh. Now we do work together but that part isn't a big deal because my schedule changes a lot plus, I'm trying to find a new job anyway (unrelated to the guy). I gave him my number a while ago but we still do not communicate. He asked me out once in the past, just to hang with him and some of our co-workers. I didn't get back to him until months later, but when I did he said he still wanted to go, but it never really worked out. But He still acts the same as before and will text me at random asking me questions about work that he knows I would not have the anwer to. So I was thinking since he seemed interested I would invite him out for lunch ( I mean he has to eat right?) and then just say.. hey by the way... I think you're pretty amazing. Would that be weird? Mind you, this whole staring from a distance sometimes smiling at me, sometimes not. Being a goof ball, all this.. almost a year. And either I want to be with him, or forget about these feelings. Advice?

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  • Most guys these days respect a women with the confidence to ask them out---especially if they are interested. Show him some good food and company. It will be the start of something memorable.


What Girls Said 1

  • If you really feel he is interested, its an amazing idea to invite him over. Its not bad at all to make the first move. Go for it. Good luck :)