Girls, How can you tell if a shy girl likes me at school?

I don t know if a shy girl likes me or not, because she acts very strangely. These are some examples of her actions: Looks at me then quickly looks away as if she isn t interested, her expression was kind of blank. She didn t smile. When walking past me she looks down. When sitting in front of me in class she played with her hair. I read if they expose their neck they are interested, and she fully exposed the back of her neck to me. She also sometimes gets all excited in front of me. But then a few days later when she was in a que with me, she left the que and came back when I had left. It felt like she was avoiding me. Also the other day I sent her a smiley face, to show I'm interested, and she didn't respond. Advice? Does she like me? And why would she avoid me? Thanks

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  • OMG, she acts EXACTLY like me when i'm around a boy i have a crush on in my class!!! :O Trust me buddy, she's definitely into you, she's just too insecure/shy/socially awkward to show it. Try doing cute things, make her laugh, poke her in the belly to see her reaction (if she giggles or smiles at you, that's a giveaway she likes you). And about that thing you said about her leaving the queue, it's because she was feeling overwhelmed of being there alone with you and not knowing what exactly to do or to talk about, so that pressure made her leave to minimize the anxiety she was definitely feeling when she was with you x'D Try getting to know things she likes, maybe you two have a lot in common and that'll help you make some nice conversation :) Try making small talk, simple questions like "what kind of music do you like?", "do you watch any tv show?", just plain questions that you can answer "yes or no" and add some details into it. She's just too awkward, but once you break the ice, you'll see that's just a defence mechanism of hers. Give us some feedback on show it's going! And good luck! :D


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  • I'm shy around guys that I'm interested in and when I read the description with your question I laughed a little because I realized that that was everything I do when I'm near a guy that I like. It's hard for me to express feelings and to talk normally around my crush so to make sure I don't make a fool out of myself I tend to avoid them even though that is the complete opposite of what I want to do.

  • All the examples you gave made you think she likes you and is kinda interested but since she's a shy girl, she behaves the same way with probably everyone. If she liked you she would have responded. But there are chances that she likes you so you should wait a bit and keep noticing.

  • You can't to be honest. It's too hard with shy people. All you can do is ask them out and see what that says. There aren't any signs with shy people