My boyfirend comments on others girls pictures and I feel really sad about it?

He commented on This girls pic telling her she is sexy, pretty and That every Guy would want her...
My boyfirend comments on others girls pictures and i feel really sad about it?
i feel really Bad, i asked him if He thought This image was prettier he said some girls Will ne and some are prettier... i felt even more worse... he would tell me i was the only one He thought about or wanted then came off saying he likes other things besides me... at This point i have 0 self esteem and feel completly worthless... i wish he has eyes for me :(...

And please i know its human to find others attractive and That he is a Guy but That doesn't change how i feel...


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  • BREAK UP WITH HIM. That's too much, a good boyfriend wouldn't go that far, you deserve better.


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  • I think he likes her but he loves you since love is more I important but if it is worrying you just explain him then problem will be solved ๐Ÿ˜Š

    • I have please re read my poste kindly thank u

    • Sorry, I got it
      He said some are prettier, yes some are more beutyful then you but that dosentment he will leave you because he loves you.
      And yes, he has some interests besides you but you are her life when he have to pick only one.
      So no need to worry๐Ÿ˜Š

    • If you want a an exact answer then ask him who is more important then take a step

  • That's a really nice... shirt? where'd you get it?

  • in his defense... wow she has some increadible knockers and few girls are remotely that hot.

    The truth is you cannot just shut off being attracted to others, it doesn't mean anything though. You can find people sexy and still love your girlfriend or boyfriend. He wouldn't be with you if he didn't find you attractive.

    • so you don't feel a priority because of his online behavior right? The truth is you cannot stop him from commenting on pictures of girls, it's freedom of speech and I know that sounds horrible, but it's true. You telling him that you don't want him typing stuff like that will just seem extremely unfair in his eyes, even though you're the right one here. You either have to put up with it or dump him.

    • I wanted him to see me the way he sees her...

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  • Guys are a pain in the ass. This situation is tough because I don't personally know your boyfriend.
    Yes, he is a guy and there are lot's of attractive people out there. The thing is, if he's constantly eye humping other women like this in front of you and comes off distant then the relationship is not going to be as great as you want it. If its one thing guy's love it's confidence. Maybe this is his way of saying he likes confidence.
    The key to all relationships is to be 100% honest with each other.
    Let him know how you personally feel in away that's not too negative.
    Here are some examples:
    "Hey honey, do you like girls that have confidence in themselfes? Sometimes my self esteem goes down a little because I get the feeling that my looks aren't as beautiful as those other girls."
    Also, I'd personally would do the same thing he's doing with other guys. If he's not okay with it then just give him the same excuse he's giving you. If he's not okay with that then call him on his bullshit.
    Also sweetie, it's important to have self confidence!
    Not for just people, mostly for yourself.
    Some good ways to help you love yourself is to write sticky notes all over in the places you're mostly at. Write things on there like "You're amazing!" And other happy sayings. Also write positive truths about yourself. And every day look into the mirror and say to yourself "I am beautiful!"
    During the day be your own cheerleader! :)
    Love yourself sweetie! That's what matters most! :)

  • Why do so many girls tolerate that kind of assholish behavior? It kind of pisses me off...

  • Yeah seriously lose the asshole
    It's not about the photo
    It's about him having ZERO respect for you
    He is horrible and you deserve someone who makes you feel beautiful and special
    Don't settle!

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