How can I get a girlfriend?

To be honest I can never get a girl I want whethers is because Im to shy. I've been told Im not good looking by a lot of people either here on GAG ans my ex left me for a better looking guy s ayin g I didn't measure up to him.
Soo is it possible for a below average guy like me to compete with good looking guys?

Confidence is just confidence I know , plenty of single confiden guys who are always single cause they dont look as good. Looks matter


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  • Looks do matter, sure, but that is why you are lucky that you don't look like an abomination. You look totally normal to me, which means a bunch of girls do find you attractive, and a bunch don't. That is how it works, you cannot please everyone, and you cannot change your face, but that is perfectly okay.

    It is a question of meeting a girl who is attracted to you and you are attracted to. (and both are interested in a relationship). Yeah I know, difficult condition to meet, but not impossible.


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  • Below average?
    I think you are average/cute.
    You just have to put yourself out there more in the dating world.

    Girls can run into tons of good looking guys.
    But the truth is we look for quality of a man.
    Know how to treat a woman and be respectful.
    Mature women will appreciate that.

    • That makes sense but still a pretty boy who is a decent guy will get the girl off your hand if he wants too

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    • Im just being honest Im ugly and thats just the shitty hand life handed me

    • U really have to work on ur self esteem.
      Nothing n e one here can say is going to help u come out of the hole u r in.
      I really did try

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  • who told u, u r not good-lookin?

  • Trust me it has nothing to do with looks, its all personality, if your shy then work on that. Its once you focus on yourself that girls will come out of the woodworks :)

    • Im shy because OF my looks I guess and I talk to people just fine

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    • Hmmm women lile pretty boys and thats it

    • Trust me he isn't pretty, has a weird accent, chubby and was a bit of a dick. Its all personality, also some may only like pretty boys but they are shallow, most girls choose personality above all

  • Ask a girl!

  • yeah just be confident

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