Girls, Obsession with height over personality in dating? Especially with short/er guys?

Height is one of our features we have least control over yet is often the core of judgement upon people to 'assume' a person's self, we all grow at different rates and sometimes people may have a disabilty like dwarfism or gigantism that grows them to extreme or prevents them growing barely much more than 4-5 feet, and even without it a lot of men can be short as well as a lot of women are super tall, and even those wiith a very strong open heart are scared to even try because of the constant negative stereotype traits that is put against us.
Girls prefer taller guys and many rule out shorter guys saying the usual reasons like 'it would feel akward' 'its non masculine' 'i want to feel protected' bla bla bla and i just don't get it. I just do not understand anyone thinks height or lack of itmakes you any less or more of a person yet so many are so shallow to think it is especially with short guys!!!

What is this world coming to, why are so many people STILL so negative with the whole shorter guy/taller woman dating/relationships, and shorter guys in general. I know there might be a few struggles in certain areas of a relationship if there's an extreme difference but why should the guy HAVE TO BE taller. Why are we still in this pre-ancient, why if girls can live independantly yet soon as it comes to dating back to old i have to have a protecter/body guard and tall guys are persumed stronger.
Strength doesn't normally come dwon to how tall or short someone is. It's down to how you take care of yourself and exercise. If he has the right heart then why should it matter. otherwise. Why should it be 'awkard' or 'un-manly' height isn't the all in a male, people of both genders come in all shapes and sizes why can't we just look over this? I just do not understand this, It breaks my heart and I have little hope or faith in bothering. Would you ever date a short/shorter guy? (only answer if yourcurrently single)

  • I'm too shallow to ever date a short/er guy
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  • I may prefer taller guys but I will would give shorter guys a chance if he had a great personality
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  • I never care about the height or who's taller/shorter it's all about his personality. nothing wrong with being shorter
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  • I have dated shorter guys/Am married to a shorter guy there's nothing wrong with height it's all about the personality
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  • I'm sorry but I used to think I could at least deal if the guy is the same height as me 5'2 by the way but after meeting a guy I thought was facially cute who was the same height as me it is just a turn off. It's not like I'm making a conscience choice to exclude short guys it's just not what attracts me.


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  • I used to prefer tall guys but then I found that I liked shorter guys because I'm short myself (5'2"). It was such hassle when kissing with taller guys because I wouldn't be able reach. Plus I think i fit better with shorter guys when we cuddle. I really wouldn't care what height a guy was if I liked him, made me life, and can make me orgasm

  • Short men are hot in my opinion

  • If I like their personality, who cares how tall they are. I'm 5' 3" so I'm not tall.

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