Girls, Dating advice on breakup?

I started seeing this woman 2 weeks ago. She is a single mom of 2 kids. I live 2hrs away for the next 8 months also. We had a date and things went good hugged and kissed goodnight and even talked about another date. We were txting way to much for just dating for that amount of time. Then all of a sudden the text stopped for 2 days and then she text me that she's sorry and that im a great guy but she doesn't see it working right now. We even talked after that about talking on the phone... I really like this woman and I don't want to lose her even though it has been a very short period of time. Does she like me? Any advice? Im a horrible judge when it comes to me and this stuff.


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  • not trying to be mean but maybe she found someone there? Realized distance is too much for a new relationship.