Dont know what to think of her lack of reaction to my advances?

Dont know what to think of her lack of reaction to my advances

I went on two dates with this girl, the first was very casual, the second was longer and a dinner date. In the 2nd, positivies I could see is she was very talktative asking lots of questions and was constantly playing with her hair. I tried some light touching here and there and she did not reciprocate, but did not pull away nor seemed weirded out either! When we went to a bar afterwards when we were not talking (awkward silences?) she was just staring to the right, smiling. Same thing back in my car when I was driving her back home. We said goodbye after a long hug, I ran my hand through her hair and told her how much I love spending time with her. can't really recall what her answer was honestly, i was a bit nervous tooo, but she was not creeped out or anything nor moved away. We said goodbye. Once she's inside her building waiting for the elevator she's looking at herself in a mirror, can't see if smiling or not, arranging her hair. Elevator arrives and she waves goodbye smiling. Once home i text her she thanks me for the night. I tell her i'll dream with her smile and she simply replies sleep well with four blush smileys. Since then she claims she's been busy so I told her to let me know when she can do something and I still haven't heard from her.

should I approach her again? Perhaps be more assertive (kissing her this time) next time i see her?


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  • yeah, try to kiss her.

    • so for example, u would be receptive to this guy calling u again even if the ball was on your court to do so? If I get the chance I will definitely kiss her this time around but getting the chance seems hard right now!

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  • guess she's actually busy... so better wait a little bit...

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