Should I be upset or let it go?

So I've been talking (dating exclusive) to this guy for quite sometime now ( we will make a year in July 2015) so i asked him does he has his exes numbers saved in his phone. he says "i don't think so" so i said does that mean a no or you don't know cause you have so many numners in your phone? he says it means I don't know. So should I be upset or no? does this mean most likely he has his exes numbers saved?

I don't know it just pissed me off like why can't he just answer yes or no?


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  • just let it go.


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  • Lmao you're the one who asked, if you can't handle his answer then maybe you shouldn't ask a question like that. There are people's numbers on my phone whom I haven't talked to in years. Guys I've crushed on, people I've fought with. I just don't have the effort to delete those numbers, because it doesn't matter either way.
    You knew this was basically going to be a dead-end question. If he has some of his exes numbers saved, so the fuck what? It doesn't mean anything. He's not giving you a straight answer because he can probably sense that you'll flip out and misunderstand the situation, making a bigger deal out of it than necessary. Honestly asking questions like that is stupid. People save stuff like this (numbers, pictures, letters, videos, old presents, whatever) either because of the memories or because they literally can't be bothered with getting rid of it all. If you can't deal with him holding onto different bits and pieces of his past, then you need to re-evaluate why you're being so jealous.

    • I'm not jealous at all lmao

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    • I find it funny how you got so angry over a question I'm over it now I realized it's not that big of a deal I got him and he's not going anywhere 😊 but thank you for answering my topic sweetheart 😘 xoxo - peace love and happiness 😊

    • Angry? ok lol

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