Is it time to walk away?

I've been seeing this guy for almost 8 months now, when he first came into my life i never imagined falling as hard as i did. The problem is his always been a free spirit and that is the reason i fell for him, his never been in a serious relationship because his always traveled the world and been busy working away. He recently went overseas for 2 months and when he came home the first person he wanted to see was me, i went and saw him and it felt different all he wanted to do was cuddle me and hold me like he missed me... so now I'm even more confused knowing he hooked up with other girls when he was away. I dont know what to do because i feel like im starting to get in it to deep and him never being in a relationship makes me feel like he doesn't know how to express his feelings. What do i do?
  • sounds like his starting to fall for you
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  • The best relationship of my life was with a guy who said he didn't date he just lived life day to day doing anything he wanted. He left and traveled and everytime he came around he was with me. Finally he came around after a few months of leaving and told me he had literally been around the world and the only thing he pictured when people asked him about home was me. Love of my life!!! He still had to travel for work but always insisted I was with him. Don't give up yet.


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What Guys Said 2

  • guess u should wait a little bit... to see wot will happen ;)

  • Never give up!


What Girls Said 3

  • So he hooks up with someone else every time you aren't available? Are you assuming he hooked up with other women or did he actually tell you he did?

    • I asked and he told me, he doesn't know i also hooked up when he was away too...

    • You both hooked up? The fuck?

    • Well if you're looking for friends with benefits sounds like you've got a match.

      I fail to see how you could be confused when you hooked up with someone when he was away. If you want him to be exclusive with you, you need to be exclusive with him. If you want an "open" relationship where either of you can just bring home someone like finding a stray dog, maybe that's a discussion you need to have with him.

      As far as expressing ones feelings goes... you maybe should have owned up to hooking up with someone else too. For me it's a respect thing... I can respect him for being honest. You on the other hand were not only not honest with him but apparently expect him to live up to some standard that you aren't holding yourself to... not cool!

      Think about what you really want, cut the crap and be honest with the guy

  • In the beginning it will be great, but after a while when he starts to become distant and contacts you even less, be prepared for a heart break.

  • you should walk.


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