What to do about the future of me and my crush?

I've known him for almost a year. It was at college. The 1st semester I had him we were friends and he'd do most of the talking. I'm a really shy person, so my trust for others is low bc of bad experiences. Anyways, overtime I got used to him and we talked more. Towards the end of that semester, I felt bad that it's be the last time I'd see him. But as he finished his final for the class hed'd whispered, "it was so nice to get to know." Suddenly, I felt as though I could not let him go like this. I had to think quick so I finished my final just before he left.(I got an A+) And asked for him to wait. Which he did and we walked out of class together. Anyways, after talk of classes for next semester. We realized we have another class together the following semester. The chances of it seemed like so unreal with being part of big college. He said it was awesome and high fives me. This semester was amazing w/ him we've even hung outside of school. There have been people who came up to us mistakenly thinking we were a couple. Anyways, semester has ended and this time my crush waited outside the classroom for me to finish my final. We walked together to our cars and it was amazing. I had this gut feeling that neither one of us wanted to stop the conversation. And once I said goodbye for the final time, it seemed as either he was staring deep in my eyes or he was hurt not sure. As I walking to my car to turn. He called me again and asked if we were Facebook friends yet. I said no and he added me. I haven't really gotten the guts to message him on there bc of fear he doesn't like me. Or he finds me creepy, weird, unattractive. The only thing I managed to message him was a happy bday to his wall. And he liked it and said thank you and such. Sorry for the long story, but can someone advice on what I should do? Should I pursue it should I give up? Or any advice at all? Thanks!

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  • Go for it! You have nothing to lose, worst case he does not feel the same and you can move on or best case he does and then the adventure begins!


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  • go for it... seems he's da one who's askin u out!!


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  • go for it girl!

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