Am I being too clingy?

my boyfriend is a great guy and he did used to make time for me but recently I feel like I'm being neglected. I try to talk to him as often as possible and make time for him but it seems like he just doesn't care. So I distract myself by hanging out with friends and doing other things and he'll message me saying that he misses me. Then I make time for him the next day and he ends up doing the same thing he does everyday and I'll feel neglected. I understand that he needs time for himself and friends so I leave him alone, but I feel like I'm always bothering him even though he says that I don't and that he loves me. I'm not sure what to do


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  • Okay, so if I understand what you're saying, the two of you arrange a specific day/time to spend together, and he ends up flaking out on you?

    • Yes. I wouldn't say flaking though, it's more like nothing happens and it's quiet. So we just kind of sit there

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    • Those seem like really good ideas. So you're saying that I shouldn't talk to him all the time? What if he's always messaging me? Should I stop replying? Thank you for helping!

    • No, don't stop replying, but keep the answers short, so he's wanting more. For example, if he asks you how your day is going, try saying something like "Going great. Let's talk more when we see each other!"

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  • you should loosen up.

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