Girls, Young women be honest, just how much of a turnoff is a premature bald guy, even if shaved?

So as you can guess I'm follicly challenged and lost hair at the ripe age of 16 up. Now almost 20 it's shave chromdome and I'm just tired of seeing so many questions asked with opinions saying 'ew yuck bald is never attractive' to 'it's just another style' so I decided to ask my own Iwant to know is it a big turn off physically? Feel like I can't get any decently attractive dates now :/

  • it is the biggest turn off physically in a young guy
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  • It's a big turn off, couldn't get past it
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  • It's never a preference but I could easily get past it
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  • It's honestly not an issue at all
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For those who say it's the biggest turn off what do you propose one does about it? Treatment doesn't work but in a few very rare cases and almost always has bad hormonal side effects like impotence, there isn't anything we can do but look ugly I guess


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  • I would be perfectly fine with a bald guy.


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  • It depends on the guy. I have seen ONE sexy man sporting a bald look and he was young. I would have dated him in a heartbeat. Some guys look good bald... others don't.

  • My uncle is bald by choice, he's 29 and girls are crazy over him. I don't see an issue, you can also just put a snapback or something.. but seriously, it's not a turn off.

  • a little bit...