Not sure how to gauge how she feels from my texts?

I've been talking to her for two months now and will soon ask her to be my girlfriend. But when we text she sometimes never responds, and I think it is because she is uncomfortable or does not know what to say. (like If i am being flirty) She told me that she tends to push guys she likes away, but is working on it.
Think it is okay for me to be flirty with her if she doesn't respond? This is never a problem in person, just saying.
her: Oh stop
Me: stop what? caling you cute?
her: yeah lol
me: Ha! no way cutie! you can't make me ;) whatchya gona do about it?
her: Do you really want to know?
Me: duh, what you got? I'm not scared.

Then nothing. I mean this is pretty normal, I just don't know if I am leaving her frusterated in a good way, or if I am like pushing her or something. I dont understand women..


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  • i think she likes you!

    • Well I know that! lol. Its just that she kinda drops off when things are just starting to get flirty over text that makes me question how to interact with her while texting. Though I know texting is a much lesser form of communication.

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