How would you handle a baby mom situation?

I've been dating this guy for a two months. He has a son that he has full custody of and another son that is two with this girl that only recently started letting my boyfriend be a part of his life. The backstory is that she got married and they were going to adopt him and my boyfriend was ok with that. Then out of no where she started asking my boyfriend for child support and the husband never ended up adopting him. My boyfriend then said you want money I want to see my son. He gets to see his son now but the part that bothers me is when my boyfriend is around she talks all this negative stuff about her husband and when her husband is around she acts like he is the best guy ever. She is friends with my boyfriend on Facebook which is fine but she likes a lot of his stuff and when they talk it's about their son or how much she hates her husband. My boyfriend told me that him and her are getting along much better now and she is going to let him take his son for the whole day on Sundays. I don't care that they talk but I feel like she has alternate motives. I haven't said anything to my boyfriend and he is always telling me how I'm the best thing to happen to him and how much he loves me. I also know he is trying to do what he needs to so he can have time with his son. I just want to know if I should be worried about her or if I'm making a big deal over nothing. I also want to know if I should say something to my boyfriend about how I feel or just let it go and see what happens. He keeps telling me he wants nothing to do with her and they are getting along because of their son. I just feel like she doesn't see it that way. I'm just so confused and I know he isn't going anywhere because he tells me all the time he isn't but I'm afraid of what she will try to say or do and I don't want her being in our relationship more than just as baby mom. I just don't know if I have anything to be concerned about with either of them or if im worring over nothing.


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  • I know it is tough but you can't really worry about what SHE does. Only thing you can someone control and trust is your boyfriend and his actions if she does try something. She sounds pretty shady though and I understand your concerns. I would say something to him but don't go overboard as he might get defensive and upset then she would be interfering with your relationship. All you can be is supportive loving and trusting.

    • So what do I say to him so I'm not going overboard and so I'm vovoicing my concerns in the proper way?

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  • Just leave. Get a guy without baby drama. He will end up cheating on you with her.

  • He has already reassured you that he is not going anywhere. Why don't you put a little trust in him?