We had a date and something came up, she apologized and asked to take me out, will I hear back from her?

long story short i asked her out on a date last Monday to go out on Thursday, thrsday roles around i dont hear from her at all till Monday and texted me "Sorry about our date, some shit went down and i can't exactly talk about but ill take you out if you'll let as soon as i can. Now i know her friend and i know exactly what went down cause he told me so she is forgiven and its a crazy messed up story anyways. after i messeged her your fine and yea thats cool with me, i dont hear from her, now its been a week since then and nothing im starting to think this date thing will never happen... I don't know


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  • Tell her you really want to take her on a date, and that you understand completely that she is swamped atm, but that it is important to you because she seems interesting, so let's do this at a date of her choosing, but where it is going to happen for sure.

    • so it would be a good idea to invite her out again?

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    • ouch but yea ill ask her tomorrow if she wants to go lol

    • Sorry man. It's just I'm not that interested in bonding with guys on here in general, unless they can really help me with something in my life.

      But I wish you the best of luck, I really do, because I can relate to your situation. I hope you can show her a good time.

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  • She is not that interested. She was using an excuse and her friend backed her up.

    • she sent me a video before what she was doing. her friend wasn't backing her up he told me and he's not friends with her anymore casue of what happned casue she kinda trashed his friends house. but if she wasn't that interested why would she bother texting me that 3 days later when she didn't have to messages me back at all?

    • Fine. There is only one way to be sure. Invite her out one more time.

    • she gave me her address too cause i was suppose to pick her up lol im gonna invite her out to the movies & see if she comes but im not ruling out that she isn't interested she a pretty straight forward girl and has told me when she can't go somewhere or if she has other plans but for the most part when i ask her to hangout she always down.

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  • Remind her.

    • im gonna invite her to the movies an if not ill give up haha