I think this is a great way to talk about sex and dating to preteen guys Agree?

Besides the usual protect your self from STDs/unwanted pregnancy Here they are...

1. Realize that not everyone is going to be able to get a girlfriend. You can't make anyone like you.

2. Don't for any reason be discouraged if you see other guys with females. Only a sucker would put dating on a pedestal and only a sucker would care about being liked or not. You can't please everyone so don't.

3. Realize that only a lame would put you down for not being able to get a girlfriend and/or being a virgin. You should never give a fuck about their opinion.

4. All you need (and also care about having) in life is food, water, shelter and a way to make a living. Anything else is overrated


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  • yas love it!


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  • Time to dust off the Bambi VHS tape and VCR. :/

    • You have a VCR?

    • Yes! And I still have a laser disk player too!!! And I collect classic movies so I have a big collection

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