I think I like him, but I'm so confused?

Ok so this guy, he liked me before (call him n) but I didn't feel the same so I didn't acknowledge, matter of fact I pointed my finger at another girl and said remeber when you use to like her? Yeah I can be pretty evil. So a bit of background on me, I'm pretty well-known at school, my friends though are complete douchebags especially my friend c. People always tell me he likes me but I don't believe because he's always rude to me, but then he like defends me when I'm not there? But he's hot and col, and when we're alone he is so funny and nice. But when we're with our friends and he finds out the guy I like, he completely trashs him, and so do my other guy friends, and they trashed the guy I like, (lets call him a), and a is friends with n the guy who likes me. So I'm super confused, everyone thinks I'm dating C, which isn't a good thing becuase he has an "dasshole reputation". N told me he likes me again, and I kinda like him too, but I also like his friend a, and this is really bad. But I know if I go out with either, c and my/his friends will make fun of him and be rude when he's there and not... SO i'm confused, should I tell n I like him.. even if I do that, it would be unfair because I like his friend as well, (Im such a bad person).. Plus what should I do about C and A?

ok updatin this bc ya


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  • If you like him then...

  • I think you should forget about both of them and you should concentrate on your studies.