Really not sure what to do anymore?

hello , latley my boyfriend and I ( well most likely me have had some problems ) we have been together for 8 months now nearly 9 I'm 16 and he's 18 by the way. Lately I've been feeling like he hasn't been as affectionate as before. I've also tired talking to him several times like do you like me, am I special to you , do you want me as girlfriend? He has always replied yes, yes of course or why do you ask this? So I'm tired of asking him I really just want some love to be shown from him. It's very annoying because sometimes he can be very affectionate holding my hand etc. other days he doesn't even hold my hand when we walk and doesn't initate convo so there I am looking like an idiot talking to much to initiate a convo. This example happend yesterday. I was wondering why he was so weird he said he was tired. So I'm like fine ( the weekend before he was very affectionate and showed me that he cared about me ). Should I talk to him about this again because I feel stupid if I do because he's getting tired of hearing the same things I think. I'm just really confused ( I feel so liked one weekend and the other I really don't )...


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  • You should talk to him. Tell him what you feel about his fluctuating behavior.