I'm short, 5'7 I weight 190 lbs and i'm shy, I have never asked a girl out for obvious reasons, can I get a girlfriend?


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  • Diet, exercise, use a stylist for a new wardrobe and grooming tips, do a male deportment course.
    1. Skill With People.
    2. People Smart.
    3. How to Win Friends and Influence People.
    4. The Instant Millionaire.
    5. Psycho Cybernetics.
    6. Awaken the Giant Within.


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  • Thats taller than most girls so dont worry about that mate, you may be a little chubby but you can fix that with a little hard work, I did I'm 5"8" and I lost 30 Pounds in less than a year, Of course you can get a girl its about personality not looks so learn to overcome your shyness, I did this also and now I've got me the most beautiful french girl on my arm, its all about being happy with who you are, if you dont like it change it, if you can change it accept it about yourself

    • very well said bro thanks a lot

    • No problems, if you need someone to talk to about it then just message me :)

  • You may need some work since you did say you're shy