Date night- should I message him?

A couple of days ago he asked me out for tomorrow night.
We were going to go and check out this event that's happening all week in my city
Anyway he's out with friends tonight and they ended up going to the thing we were going to.
I don't want to message him tomorrow and sound like an idiot when he'll obviously say he went last night
I guess if he wants to see me he'll suggest something else?
or should I message anyway and just say hey so what are we doing tonight?

i get really nervous when I like a guy until I'm used to him so I don't want to say the wrong thing and look like an idiot


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  • "hey so wot r we doin tonight?"

    very good!

    • Should I wait and give him a chance to message me first?

    • wait... but if he doesn't do it yo 8)

  • It should really be up to him to suggest something, he should sort it out if he asked you out in the first place.

    • So I shouldn't message him at all?

    • From my perspective if somebody suggests going out and doing something, then they end up doing it without you, it should be up to them to find an alternative and check you're still on for meeting up, it shouldn't be up to you. If you have to chase them and they don't sort something else, it means they don't give a shit and they're not going to be worth your time.

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