Any ideas what to cook at a cooking date?

so i'm dating this guy for a while now i think iit#s like our 9th date so i already know him quite well and he invited me for tonight to cook something together do you have any ideas what to cook?


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  • Make steak and mushroom rissoto, it's delicious. How to:
    First: Heat up about 500ml of reduced salt chicken broth and take out the steak from the fridge (make sure the steak sits out for at least 30min and it should be close to room temp.
    While it's heating chop up 1/3 of a brown onion per person
    Next, dice up one portobello mushroom per person.
    Next, heat up a pot to medium heat and add some olive oil.
    Once the olive oil is up in temperature add the onions and let them simmer for about 30seconds to a minute (don't brown them!)
    Then add the risotto (Arborio rice is the most common (it's not your regular rice!), it's one heaping handful per person).
    After about 10-15sec add just enough white wine (not cooking wine since you can actually taste the difference in quality) to cover the bottom of the pot/rice.
    Mix a bit until there's almost no wine left.
    Add some chicken broth (not too much as you'll be constantly adding more and more while it gets sucked in buly the rice.
    At the same time add the mushrooms.
    Now you should be mixing the risotto ONLY with a wooden spoon, and as often as you can, whenever there isn't a lot of chicken broth add some more. Cooking time for risotto takes about 2min, but it's really by eye.

    Now for the steak:
    First get a pan (a thick one with grills is prefered) and start heating it on High
    Get your nice thick steak and wash it
    Put a generous amount of salt and black pepper, also add some (not too much) fresh basil on each side.
    Then drench each side with olive oil.
    Place on the pan and cook each side for 1min before flipping
    You should end up cooking each side about 3-4min depending on how thick the steak is, how hot the pan gets, and how well you want it done (I prefer medium).
    Remember you start prepping and cooking the steak about 5min after you put the mushrooms and first chicken broth in the risotto so everything is done at the same time.
    Now, while the steak is cooking you want to get some ripe tomatos and cut the skin into rectangles and theow out the internals of the tomato, you only need the skin. Use your eye on how much you want (this is for the risotto)
    While the steak is cooking you want to cut up one garlic clove (not too fine), wash 1-2 rosemarry branches, and cut 1 tbsp of butter. When you cook the last side of the steak add all of that in the pan and make sure you mix the steak with all of that and also cook the faty sides of the steak (this shouldn't take more than a min).
    Take the steak out and let it sit

    • for 3-5min. (also take out the garlic and rosmarry, it served its purpose)
      Now the risotto should just about be done
      Add the tomato skins in there and grate up a generous amount of parmasan cheese and mix it all in there.
      Take it out and eat some delicious food with the wine of your choosing (red wine goes best)

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    • that includes prep and washing everything

    • cooking time for risotto is about 20min not 2

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  • It all depends on how good of a chef you are. Make sure it is something that does not require a ton of pre prep time before she comes over like marinating. I would recommend a chicken breast dish that was flash marinated with some spices that both of you like with a flavored rice pilaf and have some fresh veggies to top it off. That sounds like something that would take time allowing for some quality time but it is not boring. Peace!

  • better some take-out food yo 8)

    how bout some fries n burger?

  • Peanut butter and jelly sammich.


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  • Make something easy like macaroni and cheese or order take-away food.