Am confused, should I really step first?

He has been my very close and best friend since three years. Though we dont give our 24.7 but he has been my best guidance and some one who makes me relax feel, and smooth when he is near to me. We two have much similirities and understand each other well, and know our likes and dislikes. He likes to flirt with other girls (obvio being single) but will that make him stop if he loves me or just give a trial for me?
My secret crush and i like him.. i dont know wheather he does but now i feel as i should move ahead and share my feelings that am totally in him and he is perfect for me to get in with. forever in my life as my love.
So should i take first step for proposing or should i wait him to do so?

Am totally confused and scared if i loose him or he reacts as if we did not know each other after expressing my feelings for him that i got?
Please help me out.


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  • Sounds like you are going to pop. Find him a nice card and write in it something simple like, "I like you". Make a big deal of it and give it to him and if he does not get it, then he is a broken toy. If he thinks of you just as a friend give him a few days to see how he thinks about it.

    Good luck,

  • u should... but r u sure he's REALLY interested?

    • yes, he does understands my gesture and once he shared this thing with one of my friend

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