Guys, My crush seems like he likes me, but then pulled away?

My crush and I are in the same elective class at school and we had an event night about two weeks ago. That night, I sympathized with him and some friends about a recent breakup, and once the talk had dispersed, I went and sat alone with him out of need for solitude. We started talking, and he began to open up about his family and himself. Prior to this, we had never talked, but I knew him from a few years ago in elementary school. I was surprised that he opened up so quickly, and I opened up about family matters to him myself. We exchanged numbers and texted for days nearly nonstop. He would tell me that I'm fun to talk to, that I'm cute and adorable, that I'm perfect and he let me share more personal info with him. He even said that he enjoys that we have a lot in common. Later in the week, we met up during school, after he said he wanted to see me. He complimented me on my eyes, made a lot of eye contact, stood very close to me, and hugged me a lot. Around a few days later, he gave me some food at lunch, sat very near to me (thighs touching), hugged me around the waist, and laid his head on my shoulder twice. By this time, I was getting the feeling he liked me, and I was liking him too, but I wasn't sure. I took note that he frequently took time from his busy schedule to contact me, and was very protective of me from the very beginning. (I have an abusive ex, and I'm assuming that's why) So now it's been a few days, and he isn't coming up to me in school nearly as much, he doesn't text me unless I've texted him first, and he once signaled for me to leave him alone when I came up to him to say hello during one of our classes. (It was around a lot of people) I was hurt by this gesture, but whenever we are together one-on-one, he can't help but have this huge smile on his face. His eyes soften, and he stands close to me, and I'm getting vibes that he likes me. We were doing great, but I'm very confused by this distance. Guys, what does this mean? And what should I do?


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  • "but whenever we are together one-on-one, he can't help but have this huge smile on his face."<---- have no doubts... he likes u ;)