When the day starts to approach what should I tell him?

There is a guy I like and his bday is on June like in the 3rd week. Last Satruday was my first true date with him after we met only 2 months ago. Since I know it is his bday this June (He may even forget that I know the day) I want to lets ask indirectly if he will have plans to celebrate it but I dont want to sound so obvious. Ot could happen that he plans something and won't tell me anything about it, I want lik e to take his bday as a motive for a possible second date because the day of his bday will turn one month since our first date I guess is not too soon for a second date. After our first date we really did not set up or arrange another one but that could be arranged during the following weeks when we text ech other and get in touch once again. I mean I dont want that our first date stay just a first date and no more dates, what is the deal then if I want to know him better if we only hanged out once. There were so much other topics we could not exchange during our first date and many oher things we did not talk. I am not marrying this guy anytime soon of course we jsut met recently and we both were clear that we like being single but that does not mean you can hang out or date a girl or a guy right? but I do want to have more contact with him, like to hang out. go to the movies, etc like many normal people do right? We are not teenagers anymore we are grown up.

I know that the end of our first date ended for me wonderful (we made out passionately and hugged each other) , hehe!! and I even text him the day after to tell him thanks very much and that I had a great time, although he did not respond me anything, I hope he at least read my message. He is not very talkative over the phone or text but he talks more in person. During the date he asked things about my life he complimented me in the way I looked he liked it in fact but that does not mean really that he likes me back, according to my point of view.

We are grown up so Im trying to act like a mature lady, not desesperate or me being to clingy with him I dont text him every day just to keep in touch I could text him like every 2 weeks even if he so far since we first met he had never initiate the texting first. For some of the things he has said to me or act towards me so far, I believe he likes me too but he could also be just flirting with me, like most men do.
I could even ask my cousin to help me wi th the guy and arrange some kind of outing among him, me and my cousin so I can see him again but that is something that do not pertain to my cousin, he does not have to be involved at all. I talk about my cousin because my cousin is one of this guy friends, because of my cousin is why I met this guy indirectly but also my cousin does not even know that I went out with this guy or that I text him on occasions.


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  • r u lookin for buyin him any gift?

    guess a gift card would be good :)

    • No Im not looking to buy him any gift because I dont even know where he lives or work so I could not deliver the gift the only way for em to buy agift and give it to him has to be personal. and If i dont see him in some way no need to buy him a gift , just to tell him Happy Birthday over the phone is my only choice. But then how to like know if he plans to do something when the tme is arriing. I wish i could go out wih him to eat or somthing to celebrate it but I dont know if he celebrates his bdays or not or if he is going to celebrate it with friends or not. If him by any chanec is going to celebrate t with friend s Iwish I be taken into account but that I dont know if it will happen.

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    • good then... hope he'll appreciate it :)

    • Yes I hope but like I said I dont know if that will ever happened

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