My crush stopped calling me baby? am I overthinking?

Ok this is silly... but before we met when we texted he would call me baby all the time and send kissy faces.
We met in person, we talked but didn't really get to talk much cause we were at a party and it was so hard to hear and was very crowded.
The next day we were texting and he'll usually text me "good morning baby"and "whats up my love" but instead he texts like "Goodmorning gangsta" or "whats up lightskin" I don't know its weird to me

please tell me im over thinking lmao or what do you think the reason is?


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  • you need to talk to him about it, maybe something changed that night, or maybe you weren't what he expected but ask him whats up so you won't be wasting your time


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  • you're overthinking it.

  • Maybe he found someone else to call baby

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