Guys, How you text your girlfriend change by your mood?

If you usally text your girlfriend with hi love. hey beautiful, but u start to adress texts onky with hi does that mean you are less interested? My nf started just saying hi and has not really called me any of the usall pet names. He is still asking about my day and saying he loves me when we end a convo. but does the inro part depect a loss of feeling?


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  • Has you get longer into relationship - The honeymoon lovey dovey stuff tends to fade into a different type of relationship, you are still close just in a different way.

    • we just hit seven months on the 14th of this month. like somedays he will text me hi love or hi beautfil and other weeks its just hi. he does still always ask about my day or one thing specifc. like if i was sick he will ask if im feeling better. i usally get a text befoer he goes to bed at like 5am. some days it is quick convo and others it is he wants to talk longer.

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  • Try not to read between the lines and just read the lines. We just text and don't care about these things. Actually most guys I know don't even like to text

    • so lets say if my guy is in a bad mood, he has not slept well, and has a muscle pain and is at work which hates. but he still texts me on his break. For dudes des it mean something if they text in those conditions even if the texts are short and one answered? like for me and most females iknow, a lot of how i show affections is through what i say not what i do. is it more the actions for dudes? like teh fact he still texted me and first

    • @brian-brain

    • It means he wants to text you. But guys show affection in what they do, not in what they text. We rather see you than text you. So he showed interest by texting.