Mixed signals out the wazoo! What to do?

Just finished a second date with this girl and I'm pretty unsure what to think.

The first date started well, great conversation, lots of laughs, but about time to leave she started sending some vibes that she wanted to B-Line to her car and get out of there. That's fine, just a first date, maybe we didn't click. But she texts me later that evening, and we text a little bit and the next day I set up a second date with her, and she's very open to whatever.

So second date, goes fine, same deal. But again end of the date, she pretty much says "cya" and jumps in her car and heads out.

I would have preferred to give her a kiss goodbye, or even a hug, but she seems pretty stand-offish in that regard. I thought maybe it was over but here she is texting me again! I don't get it! She couldn't be using me for free meals because she paid for about half the date on the second date! I mean, I'm not trying to just bang this chick, but physical touch for me is how I gauge how into me someone is. And she is coming up super cold.

What's going on in her head?


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  • she's playing hard to get.

    • You think so? She's not disinterested? I'm fine with doing the whole chase thing, I just don't like wasting my time.

    • Girls who play hard to get are an instant turnoff, in my opinion.

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