Am I just her friend? Sorry it's a long post but please tell me your opinion?

Here's the sequence of events in order:

1) Met this girl and she flirted with me so I did the same.

2) 2nd time seeing her, asked her to tutor me for french and I tutor her for math.

3) Met up for tutoring, we flirted again, I asked her what she likes, she asked the same, so I said paintball and she said she would like to come so I said sure. I asked her to grab coffee she said sure without even hesitating or thinking. When we parted she asked me if I wanted tutoring more than once a week I said I'm okay with once a week.

4) Texted her the next night "Starbucks sometime next week?" got a "We'll see =D"

5) Met up for tutoring again, asked her to do tutoring twice a week and she said yes. Asked her to paintball she said she's going to LA so we'll go in early December instead.

6) I texted her how's her weekend and she told me she stayed with a friend and had a 2 day fling so I asked did they make out she said he pulled her in to kiss her but she said no and she said he kept kissing her on the forehead and cheek and it was cute.

7) I thought she saw me as a friend so I decided I need to let go of her because I would have deeper feelings for her and so we met up for tutoring and I told her I couldn't do it anymore because of my schedule.

8) She came to my math lab a few days later and asked me for help and making fun of me again.

9) Now it gets freaking confusing so I wanted to find out how she feels about me so I texted her and asked her out to laser tag. She said it sounds fun and can she bring a gal friend so I said yes.

10) The night before our laser tag game her friend texted me 50 times saying "SPAM" and I knew it was them but I think she was playing around and being childish.

11) We went out for the laser game she said she's super excited the whole time we were talking together, playing table hockey, and played side by side in the laser game I felt bad because her friend was kind of isolated. I played the crane game and won a stuffed animal and she said she want it so I gave it to her and she asked me to name it. That night I asked her if she would like to give tutoring another try next semester she said its really helpful so we'll do it. She also told me her friend from LA is coming and staying with her but he's staying in her room and she's staying in her gal friend's room so it doesn't get awkward.

12) I texted her later in the week how's the stuffed animal doing she said ducky is doing good and is at her table watching her study, she's trying to set a good example. :)

13) Today I got a call from her asking me if I can pick-up her friend from LA because he's arriving at the train station. I said I'm not in town I also asked her if she would like to paintball this Sunday or next Sunday and she said next Sunday Dec 6.

Does she considers me as a friend because if she wants to turn me down its really easy she can just tell me and I can take it but is she doing all these things just to make me quit? Thank you very much.


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  • Yes, just friends

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