So we said we'd just be friends but I don't know if I can do it?

I met a guy online.

We went for 4 really good dates. Lots of chemistry. Very comfortable with each other, etc.

Deal breakers
I went on the site looking for a long term partner, leading to marriage and children
-He says he doesn't want to get married and doesn't want children

-I'm a Christian and he's an atheist

I brought these up at the beginning as I thought it was important we were on the same page. We both did the 'yeah, can live with that thing'. But thinking about it, I realised they'd creep up later on so, we discussed on the phone in neutral environments and decided that the differences were too many for us to ignore.

We decided to be just friends. It's about a week since we decided. We still text each other quite a lot and flirt.

I'm finidng it hard, I didn't know attraction could develop so quickly and strongly (well form my side anyway).

Will it become less awkward as we continue dating other people? I want him to stay my friend just because I love his humour he makes me laugh. Should I cut him off? I hope not but please be honest, I feel like I'm in limbo


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  • does he mind about u being a christian?

    • Yes, because I'm waiting until marriage (this is not the time I want to be criticisedabout this aspect).

      He's quite physically expressive, kissing, etc. He initially said it was ok when I brought it up on the 3rd date; but I told him at a restaurant, was a bit of a bombshell and no guy wants to be honest and have crying girl in front of them.

      I brought it up again on the phone insisting we talk properly about it and he did say he wasn't sure about it and actually had wanted to bring it up again

    • shit... no future there then :/

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  • So normally when people decide to not see each other there is a certain length of time that passes when they don't contact each other. You can't expect your feelings to shut off for him because you verbally stated it isn't going to work and then continue to talk to him like nothing changed.

  • it will be awkward if you stay friends.