I made out with a friend I met online... whats going to happen between us?

I have met this guy online who happens to be the only normal and nice guy i met. We stayed mutual terms and have been chatting to each other most likely over a year. We would say hey to each other and talk about anything. We finally at the end decided to meet up after keeping in touch for such a long time. I saw his photos before so I knew he is not my type and we are meeting up as friends. However, we felt an instant connection after meeting up. The coversations we had werent those superficial ones but deep ones. He will tell me about his family, his job and his belief etc lol he even told me about his blind date he was supposed to attend which he hated so much. He even told me he is planning to stay here as long as he can. his bubbly and outgoing personality outshined his looks and i thought we might have something going on. But i was skeptical about him because he works for an insurance company which involves talking to many different clients so I presumed he connects well with other people too. After long hours of chatting and drinking, we kind of got a bit tipsy and we started kissing each other. While kissing me, he wouldn't touch inappropiate places of my body which i really liked. We were mostly holding hands. Towards the end of the supposingly date, he brought me to grab a cab because he lives at least two hours away from where I live lolol. I did ask him whether he is a player out of curiosity and replied with a laugh saying he is not and he never talks about the stuffs we just talked about to others and said we will meet each other again soon (not a good sign, I am not sure). Ever since then, we are chatting normally like we do before we met up (its only been few days actually). I dont mind trying out a relationship with him if he insists but just out of a curiosity, what would a guy usually do after this situation; stay as friends or go further on and make something special? And what might have he been thinking, feeling the same spark as I do or just treating me the same as other clients?

We have been chatting to each other since. He has been sending me photos of his cousins and what he has been doing the last few days. I did find it odd of being told everything what he was doing. He has then asked me out to watch a movie together. I have already planned to watch that movie with a friend, so i told him we can watch something else and he said okay. After that, we haven't talked to each other since. I am confused. Whats going on between us?


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  • I think its rather cold of you to judge and be skeptical of him based on his occupation though with this being said you're not in the wrong either. I feel like his take of the "date" will depend mostly on how you reacted to it. if he feels like you didn't feel anything then Im willing to bet he'll leave it at friendship rather than risk losing you.

    • I didn't mean to do that :S i just had few friends who worked for an insurance company who has talked me into doing some contracts... so i got a bit skeptical eversince.

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    • He has kind of asked me out to watch a movie together but we haven't decided when we r meeting up. We haven't talked to each other for two days after this conversation. If you look at my update, you will be able to understand more about it. Did he loose an interest on me even as a friend too?

    • No it doesn't necessarily mean that he wants to lose you as a friend it could simply mean that he felt somewhat rejected or that which I'm sure wasn't your intention. To fix this I'd set up another date but you should initiate this and reach out to him. If he doesn't respond then you know for certain and you can move on. Hope this helped you.

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  • maybe if u liked each other during make-out... u'll head for sth more serious... no?

    • i think we did enjoy it. He gave me a peck when he dropped me off too :) but i am just not sure whats happening between us because we didn't plan this at the first place...

  • Other clientele!


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  • just the same treatment.


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