Did this one text ruin it all? Or was she not interested?

I thought I had a great date with this girl. We flirted a lot of the time. She seemed to have trouble looking me in the eyes but when she did she giggled and looked away. I teased her a bit. I said during the date we should go bowling and she said "yeah definitely just let me know!" And definitely hinted at another date. I know it's awkward but at the end she went in for the hug and I ended up kissing her on the head. She's like 10 inches smaller than me

The next day, I texted her "Hey (name), had a great time yesterday! I forgot when you said you were going to (city she's taking classes at), but we should go out again soon :)

No response :(. It's been a day. Did I do something wrong, or is she just not interested?

Great. So basically I thought we had a good time but showing interest in going on another date ruins it.
My mom just got back from a small party and this girl's mom (they're best friends) rode with her. Without asking, her mom said "(Name) had a really great time with (me). She came home and said it right away after the date"

What I do know is that she is moving 2 hours away to get her master's and also work, so she would have next to ZERO time for a social life and she always gets overwhelmed. Does that make this any better? I know we're not going out but does it at least mean she liked me?


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  • 1) You shouldn't have written that you forgot when she's going to City X. That is a turnoff to women. Forgetting stuff. You should just have said nothing.

    2) You shouldn't have written "we should go out again soon". That sounds too theoretical. You should have written "I want to take you out again. When are you free?".


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  • Give it a couple of days before you lose all hope but if she hasn't replied by then (is ignoring you) then that's a pretty clear (and rude) sign that she's not into you.


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  • Your text message was too suggestive and passive.

    Once again, a female put in a leadership role by a passive guy... and she gets all weirded out and uncomfortable.


  • Nothing wrong with you texting her.
    To be honest this is a bad sign. When she is interested she writes right away. Sorry bro.

  • You're acting like the women lol... sounds like your desperate to hear from her.

    If she liked the date, which I assume she did, SHE should be the one to reach out to you. NOT the other way round.

    She's likely busy, but in some cases, she might think you're coming on too strong.

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